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ST LOGISTICA E TRASPORTI SRL is an Italian company providing services for the international market in the field of third-party logistics and transport services both for standard and exceptional dimensions.

It employs a platform of long established technical and human resources, building upon an experience of over 40 years in this industry.

Relying on the gained know-how, our company aims at delivering transport solutions with an innovative approach towards our customers, building upon a fully developed background of services while implementing at the same time a range of brand-new activities relevant to the world of logistics and transport.

Our goal is to shift the perspective from which the client assesses the service we provide: from a basic transport service to a complete logistics and transport solution to improve the demand and supply ratio, the relation between the company and our customers and to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the service provided.

Last but not least, our vision is to grow up in a constantly improving social community by providing cutting-edge services, using interchange platforms for goods by other means of transport (sea highways, alpine transits, combined transport etc.) and integrating our solutions both at national and international level.